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Biden signs veterans benefits bill that includes Cartwright legislation

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“The service members who signed up to defend their country and the people who supported them at Camp Lejeune were let down by their government in a big way," Cartwright said. "Having the Camp Lejeune Justice Act signed into law is an important step forward to ensure military families, civil servants and contractors can receive the benefits and health care they deserve. As the author of The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, I will continue to advocate on behalf of all military members and their families.”

It’s Time to Bolster and Expand Social Security

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Social Security is a unifying force in America. It is the single most important and effective income support program ever introduced in the United States. Its premise is simple: You pay into Social Security out of every paycheck during your working years and then the benefits are there when you need them most. Millions of Americans, ranging from retired seniors to disabled war veterans…