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Cartwright Statement in Response to George Floyd Murder

U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright (PA-08) today issued the following statement regarding the protests in response to the murder of George Floyd:

“The nationwide protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd is undoubtedly the result of persistent gridlock over addressing racism in America,” Cartwright said. “Few things are more sacred than our First Amendment rights, but we should remember that violence or fanning the flames of division by anyone will not lead to progress. I echo my House colleague John Lewis, a civil rights icon, who said over the weekend: ‘Be constructive, not destructive. History has proven time and again that non-violent, peaceful protest is the way to achieve the justice and equality that we all deserve.’ On that note, I have been so proud to see that among the demonstrations in northeastern Pennsylvania, not one was marred by violence.

“As I have said from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, our nation is at its strongest when we put our differences aside, build bridges and come together to confront our challenges,” Cartwright continued. “That also rings true as we face this test. The many peaceful demonstrations and displays of solidarity between law enforcement and protesters are important steps toward addressing racial injustice. It’s important that we build on them by listening and taking action.”