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Rep. Cartwright Statement on Advancing Infrastructure Investments and the Build Back Better Plan

Today, U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright (PA-08) made this statement after voting to advance the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the President’s Build Back Better plan.

“The bipartisan infrastructure deal and the Build Back Better plan together will create more American jobs, cut taxes for working families and lower costs. Major investments in all the infrastructure that makes our country run will drive good-paying job growth and make us more competitive with every other country in the world. This includes important funding for new Amtrak routes that can help bring passenger rail connections back to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“The Build Back Better plan will give working families much needed tax cuts while lowering their health care and education costs. Finally enabling Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices especially will help tackle a major expense Americans face. This is historic legislation that will give working people and their kids a better chance at a good middle-class life, and I was happy to vote yes on moving it forward today.”