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Appropriations Requests

FY25 Appropriations Requests

As a senior member of the House Committee on Appropriations, I am committed to bringing our region's fair share of federal dollars back to Northeastern Pennsylvania. In order to hear directly from constituents, I’ve set up this page for you to easily submit Appropriations requests.

The deadline for Fiscal Year 2025 appropriations requests has passed. Please check back for updates regarding submissions for Fiscal Year 2026 appropriations requests.

Types of Appropriations Requests

Programmatic Request

A request to fund a specific agency or program at a specified level.

For example: Provide $200,000,000 for the ReConnect program. 

Language Request 

A request to include specific bill or report language that encourages, urges or directs some type of action by an agency.

For example: The Committee encourages USDA to study the impact of expanded broadband on rural communities’ economic prosperity.

Community Project Funding Request

A request to fund a specific state government, local government, or non-profit entity to carry out a specific project.

For example: Provide $500,000 for a specific police department in City, State.

Under guidelines issued by the Appropriations Committee, each Representative may request funding for up to 15 projects in their community – although only a handful may actually be funded.

In Fiscal Year 2023, I successfully secured $52.7 million for all 15 projects I submitted to the Appropriations Committee, ranking Number One in Pennsylvania and Top Ten in the country for securing Community Project Funding dollars. This federal funding directly responds to Northeastern Pennsylvania's most pressing needs by creating jobs with better pay, making us safer and strengthening our communities.

Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities are permitted to receive funding. 

Previous Community Project Funding Requests

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Useful Tips for Submitting All Appropriations Requests

Please complete the entire Request Form, even if you have previously been in touch with our office.

The electronic form does not “save” your work, so please complete the entire form in one sitting.

If you have multiple requests, please submit a separate form for each.

Details on how to submit supplemental materials to our office are included on the Request Form.