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Matt Cartwright believes that our education system is the key to a fulfilling life, our long-term economic growth and our competitiveness as a superpower. 

To continue to produce worldwide leaders, Congressman Cartwright will fight to ensure that every dollar that the federal government puts toward in education is efficiently invested in our students. The Congressman will continue to oppose any efforts to systematically divert funding away from the public schools that will produce tomorrow’s leaders.

Good students are made when education starts early. That’s why Congressman Cartwright opposes any effort to end funding for the federal Head Start program and supports efforts to invest in early childhood education. Later in life, students face challenges funding their postsecondary education.  The Congressman is making every effort to ensure that students will be able to attend a postsecondary school of their choosing by protecting and expanding federal financial aid and by reducing the burden of student loans.  For those who choose not to attend a four-year college or university education, the Congressman will continue to push for greater investments in community colleges and trade and technical schools.