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Taking Care of Our Veterans & Military Families

It is our responsibility to return support for the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who took an oath to protect our country. I will advocate for improved health care services and benefits for veterans and increased support for their families. We have a solemn obligation to honor their valor and service to our nation.

That means strengthening the VA system and making sure every veteran is getting the individualized care they need. I also strongly support expanding mental health services so that veterans suffering from PTSD and other service-related trauma can access the help they need. 

Reentry to civilian life is a complicated process that nonetheless provides incredible opportunity for growth and development. I support job training and retraining programs, tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, and a streamlined employment process to fully take advantage of the unique skills veterans have to offer.

That’s why I introduced the VAWork-Study Improvement Act, bipartisan legislation that would modernize the existing Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study program, which allows veterans to earn money while enrolled in secondary education programs, including vocational or professional programs. This legislation would expand qualified VA work-study activities, bring payment in line with local minimum wages, and improve program transparency.

Camp Lejeune Justice Act

One of the proudest days during my time in Congress was witnessing the signing of the the PACT Act, which included The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, bipartisan legislation I sponsored along with Republican Congressman Greg Murphy and Democratic Congressman David Price, both of North Carolina. 

Over a 30-year period spanning the 1950s through the 1980s, thousands of Marines, their families, civilian workers and personnel used government-provided tap water that was contaminated with harmful chemicals, found at levels ranging from 240 to 3,400 times the levels permitted by safety standards. These exposures likely increased the risk of cancers, such as renal cancer, multiple myeloma, leukemia and more. It also likely raised their risk of adverse birth outcomes, along with other negative health effects.

Having the Camp Lejeune Justice Act signed into law is an important step forward to ensure military families, civil servants and contractors can receive the benefits and health care they deserve. As the author of The Camp Lejeune Justice Act, I will continue to advocate on behalf of all military members and their families.