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Cartwright, Meuser talk 118th Congress from opposite sides of the aisle

The Times Leader

“I’m more committed than ever to bringing this funding home to drive regional economic growth, create jobs, fight crime, and provide much-needed public works projects,” Cartwright said. Right now, both chambers of Congress are held by extremely thin margins. Without a doubt, both parties will have to find some common ground to enact our respective agendas for the next two years.”

After taking several days and numerous votes, the U.S. House of Representatives finally elected a Speaker — U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California.

Now the House can get down to business, right?

U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-Moosic, and U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Dallas, recently took time to offer their thoughts on what’s ahead for the 118th Congress.

“The end of the 117th Congress wrapped up an incredible two years of bipartisan successes,” Cartwright said. “Major legislative highlights include the historic Inflation Reduction Act to lower prescription drug prices, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to reduce gun violence, the CHIPs and Science Act, to boost American manufacturing, and the PACT Act, which included my Camp Lejeune Justice Act, to allow veterans exposed to toxins to get the care they need.”

Cartwright said other Cartwright-sponsored bipartisan bills passed in 2022, including:

• The Military Spouse Job Continuity Act, to provide reimbursement to military spouses who are forced to pay fees to transfer a professional license or certification due to a Permanent Change of Station.

• The STREAM Act, to clean up Acid Mine Drainage in regional waterways.

• H.R.6364, to extend the use of U.S. Route 209 within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to light commercial vehicles while allowing emergency vehicles and school buses to use that section of highway toll-free.

• The Native Plant Species Pilot Program Act, to protect flora and fauna in National Parks and Recreation Areas like the Delaware Water Gap.

“Again, it’s been an incredible two years of bipartisan successes for our country and for our district,” Cartwright said. “After wasting an entire first week on just electing a speaker, I’m discouraged that this Congress won’t be nearly as productive. The American people deserve a Congress that works for them. We need to be united and ready to work together on lowering costs, creating better paying jobs and making our communities safer.”

But despite such a rocky start, Cartwright said he still remains optimistic.

“For one thing, I do remain a senior member of the House Appropriations, and I’m greatly heartened that House Republicans voted 3-to-1 to keep Community Project Funding intact. This presents a phenomenal opportunity for our area, and means I’ll continue to bring every penny of our fair share of tax dollars home to Northeast Pennsylvania.”

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