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Inside Access: The United States Congress

Fox-56 Wolf-TV

Inside the walls of the United States Capitol, members of the House and Senate work to create and send bills to the President’s desk to sign into law.

But what are our elected officials doing on a day to day basis.

I had the opportunity to meet with Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright as he was getting out of a meeting with the Commerce- Justice-Science committee where he is a ranking member.

“Just talk to me a little bit more about what you were doing in your committee today” Sarwar asked.

It’s actually a jam packed schedule today, we just had the first of three committee hearing we heard from the inspector general of the department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, talk about ways that he is conducting oversight, rooting out waste fraud, and abuse, in the entire department of justice” says Cartwright.

While I had the Congressman, I took the opportunity to ask a question from a viewer regarding the proposed rail line between Scranton and New York City.

“Will the proposed line be used to import out of state garbage to Keystone Sanitary” Sarwar asked.

“Absolutely not” says Cartwright.

“So it will just be a passenger train?” Sarwar asked.

“It’s just for passengers, and the economic benefit we will get, Amtrak alone estimates $84 million every year in additional economic activity” says the Congressman.

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