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Amtrak study reveals proposed Scranton-NYC route schedule and ridership

Pennsylvania News

The route from Scranton to New York City is highlighted on this Amtrak map.

Nearly half a million people could travel by train between Scranton and New York City annually by 2030, according to Amtrak’s newly released study of the proposed route.

“There is much to celebrate when it comes to Amtrak’s latest discoveries, including the two hour and fifty minute drive from downtown Scranton to Penn Station in downtown Manhattan. Additionally, one of the stops in Newark, NJ is a 10-minute cab ride from Newark Airport. This will significantly reduce traffic along I-80 and I-84, reducing congestion and reducing emissions,” said US Rep. Matt Cartwright, whose 8th District covers most of the route in Pennsylvania.

The study’s release on Wednesday comes as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, along with the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority and New Jersey Transit, submits an application to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Corridor Identification and Development Program. The FRA will decide which corridors to advance and begin receiving funding for engineering and planning.

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