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FY24 Community Project Funding Requests

Matt Cartwright announced $15M is coming to NEPA

Congressman Matt Cartwright is bringing $15.35 million back to NEPA. According to officials, on March 25 Congressman Cartwright announced $15.35 million in federal funding will be coming to northeastern Pennsylvania. Congressman Cartwright breaks down how much funding will be given out throughout NEPA. Local Law Enforcement and Emergency First Responders – $2.6 million …

More than $17.5 million in congressional earmarks will help pay for NEPA projects

“In the three years since community project funding was introduced, I’ve successfully fought for more than $83 million … for Northeastern Pennsylvania,” Cartwright said in a statement. “These projects will make a real difference in our district by strengthening infrastructure, creating good-paying jobs, supporting public safety, and boosting economic development.”

Cartwright provides $15M for NEPA projects, including $1.6M for passenger rail to New York City

The $1.2 trillion spending package passed by Congress and signed into law on Saturday will provide $15.35 million for various projects and local agencies in Northeastern Pennsylvania. According to U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-8, Moosic, the funding includes: $8.84 million for infrastructure, transportation, water-treatment and flood-protection projects; $2.9 million to further…